Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Links to the National Presidential Campaign

About a month ago I made a prediction about this subject relative to the Presidential candidates. I actually had not searched it, it was just a logical prediction. A little more than a week ago a bookwriter on this asked me what exactly the connection is of the personalities involved here and the Presidential campaigns. So I searched it, and found some interesting things that say a lot more about the handling of facts, truths, and half truths over the past few years on this issue.

Here was my blog on it:

Here are a series of interesting links. Check 'em out:

"NY Times Hypes McCain Credentials;
Looks like McCain's national security adviser is inventing history"

"McCain Campaign Conference Call Hosted By James Woolsey, Kori Schake, John Lehman and Randy Scheunem"

"Candidates Clash on Terrorism;
In Sharp Exchange, Each Side Calls Other's Position a Risk"

"Wash Post catches McCain campaign lying about 9/11"

"The Long Run;
Taste of Senate Set Capt. McCain on a New Path"

"As Senate liaison, McCain 'heard the music' of politics"

"McCain Campaign Cites Bush's National Security Weaknesses"

"Ex-Navy secretary stumps for McCain..."

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