Thursday, July 24, 2008

First Contract: Israel Picks Lockheed LCS
Wednesday, July 23, 2008
"Israel Picks Lockheed LCS"
"Israel has picked the rival of a Mobile-based shipbuilder for an order of up to four warships, proposing a contract that, if finalized, could reach $1.9 billion. The move could enhance future business for Lockheed Martin Corp., industry analysts said, but should not guide the U.S. Navy's decision on which of two competing teams eventually will build up to 55 of the new breed of shore-hugging vessels known as Littoral Combat Ships. Mobile shipbuilder Austal USA is part of a team led by General Dynamics Corp. that is competing with Lockheed to build the ships for the U.S. Navy. Both teams have launched their ships – Lockheed's Freedom (LCS-1) in Marinette, Wis., and General Dynamics' Independence (LCS-2) in Mobile."

This says a lot,
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