Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cultural Impact Assessment at Nawiliwili for HSF?

Sorry, I sat on this one for a while because quite frankly it seems almost a moot point.

There was a public meeting about a month ago here on Kauai regarding a Cultural Impact Assessment at Nawiliwili Harbor contracted by Belt Collins supposedly for the expected effects of HSF.

What I found interesting from the diagrams is that the area being studied actually includes the grounds of Young Brothers, Matson, and HSF (assuming they are ever welcome to return). So my question, if this is just for HSF, why is the area being studied a much larger area including all of the shippers?

Also, the whole premise of a cultural impact assessment now seems a bit off. The really significant cultural impacts at Nawiliwili Harbor would have been decades ago when the harbor was first built. How can one accurately quantify what the relatively lesser cultural impacts would be in the future?

As for what impacts still remain, I would say they would be mostly on the canoe clubs who's practices would be interrupted and on shoreline fishermen. What aspect of this CIA that can still be done should be in consultation with the canoe clubs and shoreline fishermen.

Above I have including a couple of diagram pictures and a cover letter regarding this CIA.

Aloha, Brad

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