Saturday, July 19, 2008

Crunching the numbers for June

The current issue of Pacific Business News has the first and only report of total ridership for June. "Superferry officials said the Alakai had more than 30,000 passenger bookings in June, up 20 percent over May." So....

30,000/96 trips = 313 people per trip/3 = est. 105 cars per trip
= 313 x $49 = $15,337 passenger revenue per trip (not incl. F&B, mdse. sold)
+ 105 x $65 = $6,825 vehicle revenue per trip
= $22162 non-commercial/non-cargo revenue per trip

1900 gallons burned per hr. x 3 hrs. x $4.00 per gallon of MDO = $22,800 minimum fuel expense per trip (assuming company not hedging and not sourcing fuel from the Navy)

So, when cargo customers and merchandise sold onboard is included, the company just barely averaged covering its fuel expenses for the month. Still leaves most of the rest of expenses unaddressed. This is so despite the average of 313 people/836 newly reduced passenger capacity for an average ridership throughout the month of 37%.

Aloha, Brad

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