Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Videos of Matt Simmons on the state of Oil

Some might question the connection here. It should be clear, the state of oil and fuel in the economy down to the microeconomic level is changing quickly regardless of where you think it is going. All transportation companies have to be concerned about it. The only state in this union that is 80 to 90% dependent upon outside sources of fuel should be concerned about it.

Today I read the following quote elsewhere and in light of what is happening with all lesser currencies, I found it to be spot on, "Ultimately, what we call money in the modern economy is nothing more than the ability to command energy to do what we want it to do."

Along these lines, Matt Simmons is the best analyst and speaker I have found on the oil industry. These are the best videos I could find on Mr. Simmons:

This one is not about Matt Simmons, but interesting nevertheless. It was created by an Ocean Engineer based in Honolulu:

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