Friday, July 11, 2008

Breaking News on LCS-2 and LCS-1

Got some good info. about the $5 million DoD grant improvements sought on HSF, but that will have to wait for now. Here is something more significant.

I'm not paying for the full reports. Some news outlet may do a full public report on this, until then, here are a couple of recent abstracts from

July 10, 2008 -- The Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship program has not one, but two black eyes on earned value management because both LCS shipbuilders violated Defense Department rules for managing the cost, schedule and performance of acquisition efforts, a new audit finds...full issue

Latest documents from DefensePlus Naval Audit on LCS-2 Independence
June 12, 2008 -- Report by the Naval Audit Service examines earned value management for the second Littoral Combat Ship (LCS-2) and recaps previous findings for the LCS-1. This is a redacted version of the "for official use only" report. (PDF: 484,915 bytes)

I would say the parties involved should worry that if Obama is elected programs with this type of record will likely be cancelled. No doubt for some people it is their top concern.

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