Monday, July 21, 2008

Crunching the numbers for June, Part 2

This is almost funny. What is the difference between "passenger bookings" and actual "ridership?" I guess with this company we have to ask questions about semantics like this. Here is why. From my recent prior post:
"The current issue of Pacific Business News has the first and only report of total ridership for June. 'Superferry officials said the Alakai had more than 30,000 passenger bookings in June, up 20 percent over May.'"

And a reply I got today from a person who would know at DOT-Harbors:

"Brad, the HSF reporting format to Harbors is by revenue generated. So for passengers departing Honolulu in June, they show 12,992, and for passengers departing Kahului in June, they show 13,183. Autos departing Honolulu in June are 3,095 and autos departing Kahului in June are 3,182. Commercial vehicles departing Honolulu are 278 in June and 288 departing Kahului in June. I'm not sure if "bookings in June" is the same thing as units reported to Harbors. I tend to think "bookings" encompasses more than actual ridership. HSF provides a brief to the Oversight Task Force which is on our DOT website. This brief typically includes their passenger and vehicle counts for the reported period."

So, that's almost 4,000 passengers less than the "bookings" reported to PBN, meaning the prior overly generous numbers should be re-calculated. I'm not going to waste time on that, it can still be said that they only covered their fuel costs for June, at best, and that's as good as it has gotten for these PR geniuses.

Aloha, Brad

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