Saturday, November 3, 2007

Nawiliwili Ti Party: Some pertinent information

Something useful here from the Nawiliwili Yacht Club:

"Harbor Security Issues...
The US Coast Guard recently imposed a new security zone for Nawiliwili harbor due to the protests that occurred with the entry of the Hawai`i Superferry into the harbor. This new security zone limits all private boat movement in the Nawiliwili commercial harbor and small boat harbor from an hour before arrival of the Superferry to ten minutes after its departure. When the Superferry is not scheduled to arrive in Kaua`i, the security zone will not be effect, and the current sailing instructions for the NYC races will apply. When the Superferry is scheduled to arrive in Kaua`i, the security zone will be in effect. The Coast Guard will permit Nawiliwili Yacht Club race boats to transit the security area. The race area will be outside the security zone (i.e. beyond the breakwater). The race committee will install two temporary racing buoys prior to the start of the race and remove them at the conclusion of the race."

About the US Coast Guard Division stationed there:

From "Disappeared News" by Larry Geller:

"It appears that the state backed up her verbal threats by ordering up protective body equipment and other stuff for the harbor police that I'm sure our troops in Iraq would be glad to have. See the State Procurement Office website for the procurement request."

Hope all involved understand their personal responsibility regardless of the order coming from a chain of command and esp. if the laws behind the order end up being invalidated. Regarding personal responsibility of the military, see the following:


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