Saturday, November 24, 2007

HI Superferry: Back in Time Re: Superferry Financial Analysis

Here we go, check 'em out, some of this analysis and reporting is accurate, some not:

From this article one can tell that the Superferry principals focused their analysis too much on external environment economic variables to try to determine their own internal viability. FYI, there is mention of fast ferries in NZ in this article. There are no longer any fast ferries in NZ. They put out too big of a wave wake and proved to be financially unsound there:

Some good questions by Rich. He uses numbers from the above article and elsewhere. A little bit of original number crunching, but not a complete BEA, although still accurate info. and good questions:

Regarding the original financing by ABN-Amro Bank, who are they?:

Regarding bond payments coming due recently:

And an outstanding Masters Degree Thesis done at MIT on this technology and market:

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