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Linda Lingle: "This is What Democracy Looks Like, All in Favor, Say Aye?"

"All in Favor? Say, Aye! Right Now! Or Else!" Written By Hale Mawae (

A Criticism By Hale Mawae

“The point is, to the judge, your injunction was placed because you believe that the law said this,” Lingle takes a sip from her glass bowl salt rimmed margarita with a dash of corruption, a hint of villainy, and then continues. “Now the law has been changed, and on the basis of this law… we will ask him(Judge Cardoza) to lift the injunction.”Oh yeah, well my dad can beat up your dad! Nah-nah-neeeee-boo-boo! The sentiment in her tone has an overwhelming similarity as her Governess Linda Lingle pushes on with her corporate/military backed agenda for the Superferry and her regime to continue to conquer the law. The island’s surface continues to crumble beneath corporate/real estate “FOR SALE” signs to be sold to the highest millionaire bidder and a place for their flat-screen TV’s broadcasting gas-masked marauders in a scene of violence and oppression far, far away on the news. AEGIS scud missiles are launched in the name of FREEDOM from top-secret silos at giant battleships just off the coast of Kaua‘i at Pacific Missile Range Facility. Scattering black dust clouds and remnants of nuclear capable military weapons into the depths of the Pacific Ocean.AEGIS, the great shield of Zeus helping to protect the U.S. Government in the name of freedom. The name of a shield once shaken by Zeus from the height’s of Mount Olympus to send thundering black clouds to fill the sky and strike men down with fear and godly torment. Fear projected by perfect Dolby-Digital surround sound bellowing out cries of protest and screaming voices echoing into the distance. All this overlaid with the voice of the multi-ethnic broadcaster trying to explain the chaos we are all witnessing in the small corner of the screen. An explanatory voice that only toys with concern as the words seem to roll off the teleprompter, into her brain, and out to the world in a cold metal voice that only seems to digest it with mild to complacent concern. This report followed with a simple beautiful smile as she roves on with the rest of the world’s current events.MUTE.The great marauders push forward through a cloud of smoke and billowing flames; through a crowd that strangely resembles a scene we’ve all bore witness to before. A clear picture of the continuing loss of loved ones to war, the destruction of the places they dwell, and the stories of the lives of a people that once were, and now may never be. The weather forecast rolls across the screen for the day after tomorrow. “Clear skies with a slight chance of rain.” The draught continues, but a glimmer of hope.Lingle rises in the distance in her purple crushed velvet suit, and short bob haircut curled to perfection. Enough lipstick graces the slit upon her face to prove to her self that she has a touch of elegance, poise, and taste. Just enough to prove to others there is some femininity lingering behind her over-masculine approach at politics and ill reproach she shows to those who oppose her conquering regime of corporate elitists, real estate agent turned politicians, and banking investment manager’s with dollar sign’s gleaming in their blank check eyes. Cha-ching! Cha-ching! CHA CHING!!!An empire built up around the construction of four-lane highways across sacred sites and endangered Native Hawaiian habitats already struggling for survival. A gross manipulation of local Hawaiian’s against local non-Hawaiian’s against Haole’s to ultimately submit to a life of consumerism to make way for high end retail restaurants, uneconomic high rise timeshares, and countless wasteful affordable housing projects that most locals will never be able to afford at half a million starting prices. It’s a system designed to keep local’s in place. A system to keep them in check for the continuation and degradation of the struggling middle class so they can serve coffee and beverages, fold their clean pressed towels and bed sheets, and provide clean comfort and warm hospitality at little to no cost to the scrooging businessmen already holding all the cards. A place where county council members, senators, and house representative’s sit who approve by a majority to repeatedly misuse land and lack any promise of vision in the use of these free and open spaces. The meandering politician’s passing off their leadership duties to a planning commission already convinced that million dollar homes and gated communities with well-groomed, landscaped entrances, and good security with CCTV on all corner’s, stuffed in every streetlamp, bush, and manmade rock; is key to healthy living and the illusion of safety in their quest to greedily occupy and devour more land. Big Brother is watching!A land, where the planning commission spends more time rolling their eyes at deeply concerned citizens, impatiently waiting for them to finish their heartfelt testimony, before finally hurrying the meeting to a close to pass on development projects behind closed doors.“All in favor? Say, aye. Right now! Or Else!” He waits, they respond, the meeting is adjourned. “Fuuuuuuuuuu!” Wipes sweat from his brow. “I’m glad that’s over!”“It’s just no fun to hear to people complain like that. Because after all it does offer the possibility of jobs. Not to mention great opportunities on sites where locals have no choice but to work twelve to fourteen hour days; five to six days a week without overtime or reasonable benefits.” A politician’s answer to a few problems to make the rest of the world a better place and those complaining disappear.“All in favor? Say, aye?” He raises his eyebrows with a glare of his eye, greedy smile, and hands shoot up in favor all around the table.I mean, after all, it’s just people slaving themselves to a system to make sure they put ridiculously overpriced food on the table for a family already on the verge of selling everything and taking the next flight out with their minor belongings to start a new life in some other land. Let the people go! They aren’t mine anyway! What do we care?Let them find some magical place that sits on the edge of reality and fantasy. A dream. A place that only exists in the boundless realms of the mind that wanders past the noise of soon to be rusted out, fifty thousand dollar vehicles dropping on to our shores and the rattling chain of suburban and corporate development. A place with pre-sold timeshare’s and vacation rental packages that only exist in architectural artist rendering’s and beautifully designed signs reading “Aloooooooooha! Welcome to Paradise. A place that doesn’t even exist anymore. E komo mai!” A place behind black dust mats violently being tossed in the wind. Soon to be ridiculously condominiums with 3 Jacuzzi style bath tubs in every unit that waste hundreds of gallons of already vanishing water, and a shower the size of a walk in closet with 5 full power shower-heads on the walls.A place that will put the Hawaiian’s and locals who just can’t cut it where they belong! Far, far away from home.Displaced from their home by the absence of digits in one’s personal credit line, and their inability to ambitiously want to wipe other people’s asses in the hopes of getting a paycheck for something that reeks as bad as it did when they started the job.Forced to move to a suburb in Arizona, Texas, California, Alabama, and New Mexico. Where Mexicans and people of similar skin tone are chased down and antagonized by police and looked at threateningly by border patrol. Forced with trying to remember what it was like to be and live in Hawai‘i. Forced to embrace an American culture, an American life, as the rest of the world they left behind is forgotten and brainwashed out of their very existence. The last pieces of their culture, their island life, and their heritage becoming a broken fragment of their memory. A mirage.Instead of making attempts to listen to the few liberal radicals, who only begin to tempt the wrath of the oppressor, fight against her blatant corruption, and her incapacity to listen to the truth with her legion of suit and ties protecting her at her side. What’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?Lingle’s personal investment’s are rising to an all time high as the state’s monetary economic growth feeds her investments and obvious ties to a system feeding into her and her associates bank accounts. Linda Lingle’s smiling face carefully cropped to show her strong shoulder line, as her catchy name rises above a setting sun and silhouetted coconut tree, on a business card remarkably designed for success. A steady yet well placed title reveling her in all her greatness and glory. Her steady voice speaks out crafted by years of education, blind ambition, and a dedication to her perfect cause make you want to believe in her and suspend your belief in the tragic flaws she possesses as a leader.“The point is, to the judge, your injunction was placed because you believe that the law said this,” Lingle said. “Now the law has been changed, and on the basis of this law… we will ask him(Judge Cardoza) to lift the injunction.”The bold yellow print reads “POLICE” as they push through a crowd of protester’s screaming “This is what DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!!! THIS is WHAT democracy looks like!!!” This is what democracy looks like. It looks like the streets filled with cars all driving to a destination consumed by greed, lust, and misunderstanding. It looks like the littered beaches of visitor’s rubbish with the thrusting of Lingle’s mighty arm into the depths of the law as she twists and manipulates it with her mighty corruption, being blindly backed by those who fear her tyranny and oppression. It looks like the consummation of those who oppose her with the onslaught of her struggle with the people who fight against what she’s trying to uphold and keep alive.Her living vision and quest to continue to conquer with a tyrannical reign already crumbling in around her is almost over. It’s mistake after mistake after mistake, Lingle, and people are beginning to wonder when the next big wig is going to take a step in and do some head chopping. “All in favor? Say, aye?”

Written By Hale Mawae ( For more information on Hale Mawae or his blogs please visit his site, view more, and leave comments or questions.

Aloha, Brad

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