Friday, November 16, 2007

HI Superferry: Re: Pualaa's Manifesto

I've gotten started on researching some of the details of Pualaa's Manifesto for Sustainability on Kauai. Regarding wind power for the individual property owner here is a nice place to start. A good PDF read from

Small Wind Electric Systems: A Hawaii Consumer's Guide available from (PDF file, 1.4 Mb). The consumer guide provides information to help consumers determine if a small wind electric system can provide all or a portion of the energy needed for a home or business, based on wind resource, energy needs, and economics. Include sections on how to: make a home more energy efficient; choose the correct turbine size; identify the parts of a wind electric system; determine whether enough wind resource exists; choose the best site for a turbine; connect a system to the utility grid; and whether it's possible to become independent of the utility grid using wind energy. In addition, each guide includes contacts for more information.
Bumper stickers available.

Also of local interest:

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