Tuesday, November 27, 2007

HI Superferry: Surf's Up, Dude! Part Two

OK, just to show goodwill, thought I would do something to help the Superferry.

After an exhaustive search on the net for sources of observations of surf in or just outside of Kahului harbor I determined the following recommendations:

First, I could not find a webcam aimed at Pier 2(c) in Kahului Harbor. I think Hawaii Superferry should set up a webcam or two or three on the state property that they are using aimed at the waterline of Pier 2(c), to be checked remotely online as needed.

Second, for at night, like early in the morning, when a webcam would not be useful, I think either DOT or Hawaii Superferry should install a sensor or two on each side of Pier 2 so that wave action on each side of Pier 2 can be monitored remotely on the net, even at night.

Third, for better forecasting into Kahului Harbor and on the Maui northshore in general, I would recommend that NOAA, NDBC, or Scripps Institution place a moored Waverider buoy about a mile offshore from Kahului Harbor similar to the one that is offshore from Waimea Bay.

Lastly, in addition to the links in my prior post regarding surf forecasting, I really like these Surfline LOLA links:





HI Superferry: Correction on the Kahului Harbor Webcam‏
Date: Wed 11/28/07 10:06 AM

Karen Chun pointed this out to me. It is on the roof of Century 21 right next to Hawaii Superferry, although it is roving and probably does not have a clear view of the waterline at Pier 2(c):


Aloha, Brad

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