Friday, November 23, 2007

HI Superferry: Blog by Hale Mawae of Kauai

This guy Hale Mawae of Kauai ( is a great writer. I recommend reading two recent commentaries on his blog.

"No Conspiracy Here Folks!"
A Criticism: Part Deux
By Hale Mawae

[just a short quote from that]..."And yet we still want to drive our gas filled cars on the Superferry that will burn massive amounts of dirty diesel fuel, in the name of our so called “freedom.” We can send our kids off to a war waged in vain to put more “freedom oil” in the Superferry’s hungry belly and continue to ride on the back of the beast without guilt and still feel good about ourselves."...

[and his previous commentary]...
All in Favor? Say, Aye! Right now! Or Else!
A Criticism
By Hale Mawae

Aloha, Brad

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