Tuesday, November 6, 2007

HI Superferry: Why the Disconnect between Oahu and the Outer Islands?

I think it was interesting yesterday, that the two big issues on the evening news were first all of the sewage and wastewater overflow spills on Oahu to the tune of multiple thousands of gallons of spills just because of a little more rain than usual and then the next story was Linda Lingle's meager conditions for and signing of the Superferry bill.

The way the spills on Oahu are being reported it is almost matter of fact. Just on this issue what is happening on Oahu with infrastructure, to the aina, and kai is a TOTAL DISGRACE TO THE AINA AND THE CONCEPT OF KULEANA! Even on the mainland, this kind of thing does not happen in any major cities, except for New Orleans.

This is exactly the dichotomy between how resources are managed on Oahu (and apparently accepted by the public there) and the outer islands that so worries people on the outer islands. The problem with sewage spills to the tune of multiple thousands of gallons each spill has been developing over the past few years, and yet still the problem keeps getting worse. Below are a few links to stories on this.

You know what, the outer islands don't need Oahu ignoring and bring any of their systematic problems to Kauai, Maui, Molokai, and the Big Island. The majority population of Oahu needs to look inward and solve their own environmental problems instead of escaping from them and transporting them elsewhere.






Aloha, Brad

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