Sunday, September 7, 2008

This is Shocking...OTF Report August 20

A gentleman on Kauai named Kip has been asking me about the natural resource and invasive species issues on this subject. I put him in touch with two of the experts on this matter, both on Maui, one working for the state. I also have tried to refer Kip to the best source on what is happening on these matters revealed in the Ferry Oversight Taskforce Committee reports to the Legislature. Those reports are here. The committee will continue operating through the end of 2008. Laura Thielen also says DLNR/DOCARE will continue consistent inspections at Kahului Harbor through the end of 2008, but she mentions those state inspections will not likely continue beyond the end of 2008, without additional funding.

Looking for the links for Kip, I just finished scanning the most recent OTF Report for August, August 20 OTF REPORT FINAL.pdf . The information in that report is SHOCKING. I will publish a complete review just on that report soon. I will just say some things I noticed are the huge disparity of prohibited items reported by DOA in July alone trying to be taken onboard from Maui to Oahu (205 incidents of natural resource/aquatic life attempted violations of Act 2 EO -- opihi, crustaceans, fish, algae, rocks, and coral) compared to the much smaller number of prohibited items attempted leaving Oahu (33 incidents). Also noticeable are the items that are not prohibited by the Governor's Act 2 EO which in just two months DOCARE observed being taken in large amounts including 741 lbs. of limu and 654 lbs. of nearshore and reef fish. In addition there were 14 outright DLNR violations cited in June and July.

These numbers are shocking. Maui is being plundered, both legally and illegally. Kauai is much smaller and has a much more sensitive environment. Kauai could not take this kind of abuse. Will do a complete review of this most recent OTF Report soon.

Aloha, Brad

P.S. My attention has just been called to a poignant Op-Ed in the Maui newspaper today on these same matters, written by one of the persons that I referred Kip to over the past week. OK, it's your turn, Kip.

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