Monday, September 22, 2008

Report on OTF Meeting of 9/19/08

This will be a long eyewitness report with links to full-text testimony and pictures. The OTF will eventually post a full report for this hearing up on the DOT website in a few weeks. Sometimes those reports have been abbreviated regarding the content of public testimony, as I suspect the testimony of the Hana High School students will be, so the full-text testimonies that I could get ahold of are here:

All three of these are searchable .pdf files. Thanks to Larry Geller for help with this.

Irene Bowie's Maui Tomorrow testimony with recommendations (5.4 MB):

Greg Kaufman's Pacific Whale Foundation testimony with recommendations (35.7 MB):

HSF responses to Belt Collins Rapid Risk Assessment recommendations (5 MB):

I'll post this now, and add to this later.
Aloha, Brad

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