Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some things that slipped by me...

Was updating the Barf-O-Meter as it will be that time soon, and in the process watched that Youtube roughride video shot from Molokai last winter. Happen to notice a couple of other Youtube videos that I had not seen. The first video shows extremely efficient 3 lane offloading and onloading of an Incat vessel by Fred Olsen in the Canary Islands. The offloading is done in 10 minutes, onloading in 5 minutes, and the vessel is in and out of the harbor in 20 minutes total. Furthermore, the loading is done on three inexpensive looking ramps in three lanes. Compare that to what we have seen here. The second video fully explains Army operations of an Incat vessel along the lines of the JHSV program. They are both good videos.

Lastly, when looking for those NOAA whale density maps of my prior post, I came across the following blog post and pictures. The guy who writes the blog and took the pictures was on the vessel when it was turned away from Nawiliwili. The pics he got are pretty interesting, and for some reason, I had not seen them:


One last thing for today...this one did not slip by...Ship for sale

Showed up today for sale on the net...why?...might burns diesel at 1500L/hr

Aloha, Brad

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