Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Distraction Editorials

Shoot, I'm trying to finish a report on the OTF meeting of 9/19/08, and then along comes a distracting editorial:

So, I gotta take time to respond to this stuff:

From the editorial in quotes, "The state Department of Land and Natural Resources will hold statewide public meetings on new marine harvest limits. That's a move in the right direction."

Those hearings don't happen until December, see:
In the meantime, the Governor could add to the enabling E.O., and recommendations on this matter should be made by the OTF Committee to the Legislature in their report.

"Most of what was confiscated by Superferry workers was obtained legally..."

Act. 2 and it's E.O. are law. On this vessel, taking opihi, coral, and rocks are prohibited by law. And taking immature opihi is always illegal and cases of that have been caught and cited in this case. Superferry workers are not allowed to issue those citations; that has to be DOCARE.

Allowed to be taken in large amounts on this vessel are limu and reef fish. Limu, though, are not allowed to be taken is some areas of Oahu, see:
• New law establishes ‘Ewa limu management area •
On June 26, 2006 Gov. Lingle signed into law Act 293, which establishes an ‘Ewa limu management area, where taking of limu is prohibited.

"And forcing the Superferry to pay for state inspectors — and raise its fares — seems like overkill."

The proposed $5 surchage per passenger to pay for DOCARE/DOA on this is very reasonable.

Will go back to adding to the report next,
Aloha, Brad

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