Sunday, September 14, 2008

Interesting Blog Post from the Big Island

This comes from a blog relatively new to me on the Big Island:
September 13, 2008
"Superferry to get Direct Access of Striker Brigade w/ New 27 Mile Road From PTA"

"I’ve made it apparent long before I had a blog, that I believe this second Superferry is being brought over here primarily for Military transport, with a belief that it will be used more so than for people.

Now it looks like the Stryker Brigade is going to have direct access to it with a 27 mile, military only, road from PTA up on Mauna Kea down to Kawaihae harbor.

Today’s Hawaii Tribune doesn’t really address the Superferry as a reason for this new 27 mile road…but why else would it be built directly to the Harbor?

'…The Army is planning more than $100 million in upgrades to PTA, including a battle complex area, a heavy-caliber live-fire training range and a new 27-mile trail from Kawaihae Harbor to the training area. But those projects are geared to use by the 5th Stryker Brigade…'"

Watch out for the DU,
Aloha, Brad

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