Sunday, August 24, 2008

"This is NOT between HSF and the elected officials"

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"...State Sen. Gary Hooser said yesterday, “This is between Hawai‘i Superferry and the Kaua‘i community, not between Hawai‘i Superferry and the elected officials,” Hooser said...”
Today from: Musings: Worshiping at the Altar of Money and Convenience

"...As the Save Kahului Harbor blog reported (and Andy Parx noted on his blog), Maui is indeed being plundered by Superferry passengers. According to state DOCARE reports, over 400 pounds of reef fish were taken from Maui waters in a one month period, along with 250 pounds of limu and 49 pounds of opihi — a figure that increased to 75 pounds the following month. And that's just what they found. Remember, they don't inspect everything. And why is all this happening? Quite simply, so that J.F. Lehman Co. can make money and folks can have a form of interisland travel that some find more convenient. I'm sorry, but when you live on a place like Kauai, that "deal" just ain't worth it."

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