Monday, August 25, 2008

Pics and News coverage of 1st Anniversary Ferry Free Kauai

Here are my pics from the 1st Anniversary of "Ferry Free Kauai":

Here are Diana LaBedz's pics of the 1st Anniversary of "Ferry Free Kauai":

The newspaper coverage of this event by The Garden Island news and by the Honolulu Advertiser was extremely low quality reporting. Andy Parx turned the table on these guys and reported better on them than they did on the events at:
Tom Finnegan of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin wrote the only decent newspaper article covering the event at:

Also, there was also a good letter to the editor in the Kauai paper today:

"Go elsewhere, Superferry"

"The return of the Superferry to our beloved island would only amount to a Pandora’s Box of permanent change, another vehicle of the demise of our wonderful way of life.

With 30 years on Kaua‘i many residents can testify that I am one who always sees the glass as half full. Faith and hope are at the foundation of our family life.

I am not involved in any movement concerning this vital issue. I am just utilizing common sense. It does not take a genius to see that by opening the door to the perils of a much more rapid and complicated culture of a major urbanized city and all that goes with it including vice.

Even a person in a coma can see that our fragile and limited infrastructure can’t even handle our local needs. No amount of economical surplus from those arriving is really nonexistent. O‘ahu is suffering more than we are. Please remember and I write this as one who grew up in a violent urbanized area, East Los Angeles, the peace, harmony and above all safe environment for our children are priceless and once lost can never be retrieved.

Those of us who have been here awhile can testify to that. Common sense tells me my life and the life of my three sons will be better, safer and happier without the misleading and false promises of the money counters who sing the praises of inviting the Superferry back.

Just like a new toy it might be fun to ride on it but its novelty will be brief but the seed of cultural chaos would have already been permanently planted.

If it is a better and cheaper way to travel between islands and that is also true for the vice and ill-intent of a major U.S. city. In reality the Superferry and her masters are simply pimping the beauty and tranquility of a very vulnerable Eden like no where else in the world.

Are we willing to bet it all on the twisted words of the money changers? ...we must make it clear that such a success must come without our participation.

...Go anywhere but our beloved Kaua‘i."

Eduardo Valenciana

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