Friday, August 29, 2008

Another Good Letter to the Editor in Kauai paper 8/28

Rich wrote another good letter to the editor that got published this time:

"Too much emphasis on poll"

"Much emphasis has been placed on the “poll” that The Garden Island conducted about the pros and cons of the ferry returning to Kaua‘i. Superferry CEO Tom Fargo interpreted the results one way, news media had their interpretation, and other people had as many interpretations as there were illogical choices on the poll. There were a total of 2,729 votes in the poll, with an unknown number of multiple votes by single individuals, and no count on where the voters lived. Why should votes from O‘ahu residents count on what happens to our island?

Everybody seems to have forgotten that we obtained over 6,000 signatures from individuals that had one choice; “Should the Superferry be required to get an EIS before being allowed to dock at Nawiliwili?”

The Kauai County Council unanimously passed a resolution requesting an EIS on the Superferry before starting service to Kaua‘i. At a recent candidates night, none of the mayoral or council candidates for Kaua‘i raised their hands when asked if they would vote to allow Superferry’s return to Kaua‘i.

When you can conduct a poll with two choices: No. 1. “Should Superferry be required to obey the law, Hawaii Environmental Protection Act, HRS 343, before resuming service to Kaua‘i;” or No. 2. “Should Superferry be allowed to continue service to Kaua‘i with total disregard for its environmental/cultural impact and welfare on Kaua‘i?” then publish it. If you can find over 6,000 residents of our incredible island to vote for the latter, let me know, let Fargo know, let the Chamber of Commerce know, and let anybody else know who has no consideration for the welfare of our culture, environment, or way of life. My bet is, that will be a long time coming, if ever."

Rich Hoeppner
Wailua, HI

There was also a story from Wed. and Thurs. on HSF that first broke in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. I did not waste time putting it here, but posted some comments to that article starting at

Aloha, Brad

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