Thursday, August 21, 2008


A couple of informal messages that are circulating.

First forwarded message:

"Supeferry Party – Sunday – Anniversary Celebration"

"Hey EIS 4 Superferry supporters:

It's coming up on the one year anniversary of the event that turned back a non-compliant, bullying Superferry from Kauai's harbor. And there's a party down at the harbor this Sunday afternoon to celebrate (peacefully, with Kauaian heart).

This is the event that Rich Hoeppner was planning officially with regular KPD feedback, but at the last minute he received a lengthy laundry list of permitting stipulations and insurance requirements including naming the County of Kaua'i as additionally insured, not before ever stipulated to him and due in 24 hours... (But honestly everyone, could you see the British "Unified Command" approving a one year anniversary celebration of the Boston Tea Party?) See for a report on those developments.

Anyway, back to the celebration: It's peaceful, family oriented fun, and simply simply an "informal" public day at the harbor. Come join in on the Surfrider sponsored (and Coast Guard approved) water parade on surfboard, kayak, body board,...whatever feels right and safe...that's at 2pm at Kalapaki. At 3pm, people are invited to share potluck at adjacent Nawiliwili park (unless a "health permit needed" for a potluck mysteriously appears).

Also there is a homemade Jam contest, prizes judged by Aunty Lilikoi. (If the fuzz says she needs a permit to judge the jam's, well, just eat the yummy evidence =-)

Entertainment--Music, Jam sessions, dancing, chants, bring your African drum, etc. as you like.

People are expected to informally gather/be there 12 noon-6pm ish. Enjoy, and pass on the word..."

Second forwarded message:


"WHAT: An informal pot luck picnic get-together at Nawiliwili Park and Kalapaki Beach. Bring your surfboards and canoes for a symbolic paddle out at Kalapaki Beach to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Superferry's entrance to Nawiliwili. We will paddle just past the surf zone, but will not enter the harbor. All laws will be observed.

WHERE: Nawiliwili Park. Paddle-out at Kalapaki Beach.

WHEN This Sunday August 24. Informal get together starts at 1 PM. Paddle-out starts at 2 PM.

WHY: One year ago hundreds of people gathered along the harbor to give a strong message that our island did not want the Superferry. Come to network with others and share your ideas, concerns and mana'o about the possibility of its return and what to do about it."

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