Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Letter of Mahalo to Hawaii State Supreme Court from Kaua'i

Letter today on these matters from Fred Dente of Kaua'i:
As a long time activist for social justice, I never thought I'd be 
singing the praises of the judicial system. But, Monday's unanimous
Hawai`i Supreme Court decision, following their initial unanimous
decision, has brought light into darkness. It has also completely
destroyed any credibility or trust we may have had in Linda Lingle
and Mark Bennett. They have become tragic cartoon characters of
their own making. The Supreme Court Justices have become the
People's Heroes, by their wisdom and their courage to give us the
truth, no matter what the opposition on O`ahu, or anywhere else.

As my lawyer friend said right after the Supreme Court decision: "The
Legislature should have focused on impeaching the Governor and the
Attorney General for participating in a conspiracy to violate the
law, rather than passing special legislation to protect a private

What a sorry bunch of "leaders" we have in Honolulu, with a few
notable exceptions. How many unanimous Supreme Court decisions does
it take before the criminals and the corrupt in our government
understand what they have done? All in the name of "necessary for
the economy" and "even more tourism". And, don't forget the military
scam being perpetrated on all of us by the Superferry's owners.

The jails aren't big enough to contain all those who would profit by
raping the environmental laws protecting the `aina. Perhaps the
biggest travesty here is that Lingle and Bennett actually created an
Environmental Crimes Unit. "Protecting our Islands’ environment and
natural resources is a top priority for our Administration,” said
Governor Lingle. “...this new environmental crimes unit will help
strengthen the state’s ability to be good stewards of the `aina.”
“The State intends to maximize compliance and reduce threats to
public health and the environment through... vigorous civil and
criminal enforcement, said Attorney General Mark Bennett.” I wonder
who in the Environmental Crimes Unit will prosecute Lingle and Bennett.

Remember the state motto? Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka `Aina I Ka Pono. Try
live up to it.

Fred Dente
P.O. Box 974
Kapa`a, HI 96746

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