Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blast from the past...

One of my first posts on this blog and what inspired this whole research project:

Monday, October 1, 2007

Open letter to the Kauai Superferry Protestors

This is an open letter to the Superferry Protestors of Kauai.

What you have done thusfar is outstanding.

A lot of Americans have long sense lost faith in what the will of the people can accomplish, but not you on Kauai.

Linda Lingle, her minions, and the U.S. Coast Guard can do all kinds of things to try and intimidate and misuse the "law."

Ultimately, in America, the law is what the reasonable will of the people say it should be.

On Kauai, you are the people. If a 1000 or more of you show up at Nawiliwili harbor to protest (like you did to the assembly hall when Lingle came to speak to you), and the state or Coast Guard try to actually arrest 1000 of you, then we will see a sea change on this issue.

A 1000 or more people on Kauai IS THE REASONABLE WILL OF THE PEOPLE! What they espouse will become the law. If Lingle tries to contest that, what happened to the Provincial government in British Columbia on this same issue of fast ferries, will happen to Linda Lingle, her party, and any minions she tries to further in the political process.

Mauians can try to work within the court system, but Kauai, you are the REASONABLE WILL OF THE PEOPLE, you are what the law should be.

Aloha, Brad

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Aloha, Brad

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