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HI Superferry: Oversight Taskforce Committee Reports

These are very interesting reports. From the most recent going back in time. DOT appears to have added recently to what is available online. These are worth reading fully, including exhibits, for those who want to know what has been happening on this issue.

OTF Report - 03.28.08
Some points from this report that stand out in the order mentioned in the report:

Kauila Clark missed 3rd out of 4 meetings. Only 8 round trips for February.
Average passenger load from Oahu to Maui of 115 per one-way trip.
Average vehicle load from Oahu to Maui of 40 per one-way trip.
Average passenger load from Maui to Oahu of 87 per one-way trip.
Average vehicle load from Maui to Oahu of 39 per one-way trip.
[Not in the report, but the last few days were even lower.]
Whale sightings of 31 per day on the 8 round-trips.

There was a preliminary report from Lesley Matsumoto of Belt Collins regarding the Rapid Risk Assessment. "As of this date, nothing has been identified as a substantial risk to the resources." Belt Collins Rapid Risk Assessment was not able to observe for most of February nor March; but they will wrap it up in June, [and for this they will be paid between $100,000 and $200,000 according to Mike Formby, in addition to the $1,000,000 for the Act. 2 'EIS'].

DOT divulged that through Feb. 2008, HSF paid $483,760.80 in fees to the state clarified in Attachment "E" of the report.

Finding: OTF found that consistent with the Feb. 2008 recommendation of Dick Mayer, adopted by the committee, amnesty boxes for the discarding of contraband and/or banned items were installed at the harbor terminals.

Recommendation adopted that HSF create a diagram scatter log plotting whale spotted information gathered by the vessel, similar to the idea recommended by Uncle Les.
Last page of Attachment "C" has a nice diagram of the first attempt at this.

Recommendation adopted that OTF support DLNR's request for 15 new DOCARE officers.
Motion passed that Members Randy Awo and Dennis Chun be the reps to meet with Hanabusa, Say, and other legis. regarding additional DOCARE positions.


OTF Report - 02.28.08
Report worth reading, both parts 1 and 2, and the exhibits.
See also: http://hisuperferry.blogspot.com/2008/02/hi-superferry-oversight-taskforce.html

OTF Report - 01.31.08
Report includes the only public information on the members of the Belt Collins Rapid Risk Assessment Team and likely members and consultants on the Act. 2 'EIS'. See: BELT COLLINS-SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS. Members and their education background are an indication of the influence and direction of this 'EIS'. Noticeable that there are few technical members, engineers, nor MBA's involved. The two Belt Collins VP's over this have BA's; one with an MA in Political Science. Bishop Museum professional staff/consultants are relied up heavily to buttress these qualifications.

OTF Report - 12.31.07
Nothing new in this report. Not worth reading. Most of the exhibits are HSF company documentation verbatim.

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