Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Outcomes perverse and otherwise"...dos

There were lots of interesting quotes in today's Honolulu Advertiser and Maui News coverage of the Aloha Air Cargo situation. Particularly I found interesting all of the detailed quotes about how Superferry won't really be that useful as a replacement for air cargo. Will do a summary of those later today. Particularly liked the quote from the Kauai businessman who said he would also have to find a driver who wouldn't get seasick. Ohhhh.

Anyway, I realized that the Aloha Air Cargo planes may not have actually been for sale by GMAC or Aloha. It may be that GMAC owns them and was only offering to lease them for those dollar figures that have been in the paper, in which case that may not be a "steal" for any company trying to take over that business. Maybe the papers can clarify this.

So, I thought of one other thing. We are talking about 85% of the interisland air cargo. This is almost a public necessity. It seems to me that if the State was even considering buying a frickin' resort on the North Shore, then instead the State might come forward with the money to maintain interisland air cargo, should no private sector company do it in an expedited manner. This makes a lot more sense than the State buying a resort.

Lastly, a reply that I got from the first of these posts:

Re: "Outcomes perverse and otherwise"‏
From: GK
Sent: Tue 4/29/08 8:31 AM

"On the other hand I think this now opens the door for a new player to step in, with out the baggage (pardon the pun) of aloha/union/debt. Look for the new ‘mahalo’ air to be announced by United. TED is likely coming to HI. They need a jet feeder airline for their pax. Right now they are using aloha island air!"

Aloha, Brad

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