Thursday, April 3, 2008

HI Superferry: Brace yourself, this is a doozy

Contained in those is this significant article:

At first I did not read those closely yesterday. A lady, we will call her 'Camera,' pointed out to me the following cite within the first of the above posts by Springboard. This story is about a week old in the Mobile, AL, area, but it's a doozy. As Katy on Kauai might say, this is no longer just a series of bad PR mistakes, this is institutional, and seems to be indicative of how the company operates. How could Katy have known when she was hanging that banner that she was standing upon something built on those values? Is this Pono? I wonder what the prospective 'local' ridership will think of this, if they find out?

"22 workers sue Austal for racial discrimination"
Wednesday, March 26, 2008
By JEFF AMY and KAIJA WILKINSON, Business Reporters

"A group of 22 current and former black employees have sued Austal USA, claiming that company managers participate in and condone widespread racial discrimination at its Mobile River shipyard.

"Defendant's racial discrimination is its standard operating procedure rather than a sporadic occurrence," the plaintiffs stated in a suit filed last week in federal court in Mobile."...See rest of article at

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