Monday, April 7, 2008

HI Superferry: Back from Drydock 4/7/08

Today's pics:

Vessel came in 30 minutes early today, "sick and fast" a reporter onboard called it. First day back from a few weeks of drydock. CG helicopter came in first at a few hundred feet altitude and buzzed the harbor and some of Kahului with two circles and left. Missed the pic as I was still driving. CG patrol boat not based on Maui attended Alakai into the harbor.

Offloading from Oahu: Less than 15 cars (I counted 12 and an onboard reporter also mentioned 12 to a Maui Tomorrow rep). Offloading 40 people with at least 5 visible staying on the vessel for a total of about 45 people. Disembarking included 1 dog, 1 car packed to the gills, and at least 1 regular commercial customer.

Onloading from Maui: 15 cars, 1 motorcycle. Could not count people onloading, but company reporting has averaged 3 people per car in the past...for an estimate of 45 people onloading.

The company would have incurred at least $15,000 to $20,000 of fuel expenses uncovered by revenue on the round trip today.

KGMB9 and KHON were on the vessel filming. Should have reports from them on TV tonight.
KPOA and Maui TV News were filming onshore and should have reports from them online soon.

KHON reporter reported to have gotten seasick, and their cameraman did not feel good, but did not report getting seasick. KGMB9 evening news reported some passengers getting seasick in what were relatively calm seas, [B-O-M Level 3, Beaufort Force 5].

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