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HI Superferry: Oversight Taskforce Committee Meeting of 2/13/08

This was the third monthly meeting of the Act 2 Temporary Oversight Taskforce Committee. The first one on Maui, next one due on Oahu in March, and April due back again on Maui. I was wondering why not Kauai or the Big Island? Personally, I think the next meeting should be on the Big Island. See my captions to each of the photos for additional information. There was a lot of good reporting and public comments in this meeting. I think the circle helped for a lot of good interaction. There was some informal ho'oponopono going on here of which Dennis Chun has spoken.


The 13 members of the committee are:

Randy Awo, DOCARE/DLNR, Maui
Domingo Cravalho, DOA designee, Oahu
Collette Y. Machado, Molokai
Dennis Chun, Kauai
William J. Aila, Jr., Oahu
Laura Thielen, DLNR, Oahu
Mike Formby, DOT designee and facilitator
Lynn McCrory, Kauai (new member replacing Jeff Mira)
Michael Q. Lau, AG designee, Oahu
John Garibaldi, HSF, Oahu
Michael Matsukawa, Big Island (absent for this meeting)
Sarah Peck, Big Island (absent for this meeting)
Kauila Clark, Oahu (others pointed out has missed 2 of 3 meetings so far)

Also present were Terry O'Hallaron presenting for HSF, I believe Napua Brown observing for Big Island Mayor Harry Kim, and Debbie Kuwaye doing the recordkeeping and assisting Mike Formby. A lot of materials were handed over to Debbie for recordkeeping. Debbie can be reached at (808) 587-3651.

Some notes not mentioned in my picture captions:

Akaku filmed the whole meeting. Dave is in charge of that video.

Christie Wilson was present but did not report on this meeting in particular. She was writing copy on her laptop by halfway through the meeting.

Dick Mayer called the Maui News when they did not show, and they sent Chris Hamilton who was present for the later 2/3rds of the meeting. His report is at:

DOA Presentation - Are monitoring, not inspecting. One DOA inspector at each harbor who normally serves as the Maritime Office Inspector. HSF had 24 days of ops. in January, 7 days of no ops. Infractions included 125 lbs of lava rocks and 10 lbs. of coral among others.

HSF Presentation - Jan. 1 - 31, 2008 -
Average Loads:
Oahu to Maui - 141 passengers, 43 vehicles
Maui to Oahu - 146 passengers, 43 vehicles
On questioning range of passengers is "over 100 to under 300."

Of 48 one-way sailings, 13 of 24 to Maui went south of Molokai through Whale Sanctuary resulting in 22 whale sightings/avoidance, but 3 whale approaches of less than 100 yards.

Capt. and Chief Mate watch for whales in addition to 2 dedicated whale lookouts, one on starboard and one on port. The lookouts were trained by the Humpback Whale Sanctuary.

Uncle Les proposed GPS be fixed and reported on all close whale approaches. Uncle Les also asked if rental cars are allowed on HSF. Terry got cut off before he could answer that question. Uncle Les also questioned the safety and stability of this vessel and mentioned that this ride is too rough for elderly kapuna, a comment I had reaffirmed to me again by others in e-mail today.
Uncle Les and Collette translated that Pailolo Channel means "unpredictably crazy" Channel.

DOCARE/DLNR Presentation - Dec. 13 - Feb. 8 -
3 DLNR inspectors at the Kahului, Maui Harbor whenever HSF is in. Mostly observing and assisting HSF screeners.

Dennis Chun asked about origination of cars with infractions. Terry did not know. Mike Formby asked that a question be asked on infractions of where cars originate from.

Collette voiced concern that more inspectors be ready in case ridership goes up in May, June, July, and August. Called Randy the "Maka'ala" one on this.

Lance Holter voiced concern that as much inspection by DLNR/DOA needs to be done on Oahu as is being done on Maui.

Jeff Parker voiced detailed concern about Hawaii's pure pollinators and the varroa mite. He passed a lot of good, detailed documentation to Mike Formby and Debbie Kuwaye.

Irene Bowie voiced concern about the lack of usefullness of night vision at the speeds involved for if/when a second daily voyage happens.

Dick Mayer proposed the idea of "amnesty buckets" and stiff penalties for attempted infractions of prohibited items. Dick also recommended that per the Act. 2 language that the OTC include in its final report an itemized list of all costs to the state associated with HSF. Dick also showed a couple minutes of George Peabody's Wild Ride video...the full 8 minutes of which will be on the internet soon.

‎Sally Raisbeck's‎ comments included, "the more lucrative aspect of building and selling these type of vessels, as opposed to operating this one."

Mike Formby disclosed that the Belt Collins Rapid Risk Assessment team including Dr. Joe Mobley of UH is costing $250,000 in addition to the $1 million for the Act. 2 EIS.

Laura Thielen mentioned that lessons learned here/with this could be applied to other interisland traffic.

Uncle Les commented further on the long history of Kahului Harbor and the more recent Hale Kiawe Senior Citizens Fishing Club. He gave an interesting translation for Kahului:
"The Kahu who watches the changes."

Aloha, Brad

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