Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Endless Bummer" T-Shirts from Kauai Surfers

Have known about these being in development. Received the following today from a businessman on Kauai:
Aloha Brad,

Thanks again for all of your good work. I have received my first order of Endless Bummer Superferry Tshirts. (Picture attached) I will be selling them for $15.00 + shipping. I plan to put some money aside from each sale to fund a small PR budget. I have 100 shirts in sizes ranging from small to xxl. The colors are black, green and blue. Let me know how many you want and I will send them to you.

Please pass the word along if you like them. Maybe you could post it to your blog.

can be reached at
(808) 652-7113

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MauiBrad said...

Here is an unsolicted review:
These T's are da Bomb - good looking graphics with a message.
I got a black shirt with white image - tight. It's my newest favorite shirt, and an instant classic. Jonathan Jay, Kaua`i