Wednesday, January 23, 2008

HI Superferry: Gotta laugh with this one...

This was a letter to the editor in today's Maui News, 1/23/08:

"So just where is that “silent majority” of Superferry supporters? Come out, come out, wherever you aren’t and put your money where your Opinion page letters were. Jump into your vehicular motion and drive it to the ocean or pass a basket around the casket – sail that Pukerferry.

Hawaii Superferry needs $650,000 weekly to operate. Gov. Linda Lingle can hold the Alakai to her breast for only so long and then somebody has to pay for the formula. Who is buying the bailbuckets and bilge pumps to keep Sinkerferry afloat?

Is it really, after all the B.S. and no EIS, going to prove to be the Stupidferry, Fiascoferry, Stinkerferry, the Blooperferry or maybe become the Trooperferry? I’m currently calling it Suckerferry. Hawaii taxpayers got suckered big time. How soon before Lingle starts throwing good money after bad?

Pacific Business News reported Jan. 18 that HSF officials sent a letter on Dec. 21 to the Public Utilities Commission, stating that they are operating in an “emergency situation” with so few passengers and vehicles that they are apparently experiencing financial difficulties. Imagine that.

They are only carrying about 160 passengers and 50 vehicles each way, and that is with the cheapo $39 fare. Remember, it seats 866 plebeians and stables 250 chariots, and they said they needed 410 heads and 150 motors to break even.

It may not be a Lemonferry but sure tastes sour to me. Can you say bye-bye to the Alakai?"

Kenny Hultquist


Nice work Kenny,

Aloha, Brad

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