Friday, January 18, 2008

HI Superferry: About this Blog


I understand this blog was mentioned in the printed media today:^1578647&page=2

A little forward on this blog. This blog started back in the early fall of 2007. There is a lot of information here, some of it original. Some of the better things include financial analysis, break even analysis, and counts and pictures linked to from here at I have provided a lot of useful and pertinent links in this blog to related information on the net, but I recommend not getting bogged down in any one thing on here. This blog is searchable through Google. There are some original and useful posts throughout the history of this blog. I am not posting as often to this blog anymore, but what has been mentioned here will be relative and useful for the foreseeable future. Every now and then I will make it a point to post something new here.

Just as an aside, the single biggest operational problem for HSF's commercial service is their fuel expense. I believe it is a problem that they are not likely to overcome. I want to thank PBN for including that and getting that specific quote accurate.

Aloha, Brad

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