Sunday, January 27, 2008

HI Superferry: New research project...avg. swell days

You know, I have noticed an excuse that is being used is that this winter season has had more severe wind and swell weather than usual. In the decade I have been here, this seems like an average winter weather year to me. I have started a new search to find the data on this. I am consulting with a meteorologist or two and with some people involved in shipping here in Hawaii. I'll let you know when I find what the answer is. I know this, the USACoE doc indicated 37 higher swell days on average in Kahului Harbor and not just 4 days. Aloha, Brad


filtered said...

Here it is the 30th and KGMB-9 News has been reporting the forthright information the Stuperferry officials are devulging to the public regarding the reason they've been tied to the dock in Honolulu. The swell has been too much for the Stuperferry to travel to Maui and back has been their story, or so we've been lead to believe, until tonight. Now we're finding out they've been suspended by the Coast Guard since Monday due to damage to the rudder. Yet the folks over at HSF felt the truth might be too much for the people of Hawaii who are paying for this venture to understand and it's never been necessary to tell the public the truth about the Stuperferry before, so why start now? One thing the folks over at HSF forgot to find out about Hawaii is we as a people live our everyday lives as pono as we can, and can't stand deception. If you deceive folks here, we will have nothing to do with you and if you create enough problems we'll escort you to the airport with a one-way ticket and told never to come back. We've wanted to stop this thing ever since we found out about all the trickery they and corrupt government officials have been involved in bringing this fiasco to the islands. Well their shooting themselves in the foot everyday and destroying what little trust they thought they had in public opinion. I think it's karma, and it's biting them in the ass, for trying to make us wear socks so we can hide the bruises from grabbing our ankles. They're going to self-destruct and we don't have to do anything. The fact that they were going to put the publics' safety in jeopardy if the Coast Guard hadn't of stepped in is criminal, but then again so is everything else they've been doing up to now, so why start now. If they would have taken the ship out without proper rudder control that makes the ship a derelict, which is the word for a ship without aim or direction. We all know it is a derelict, they almost showed it to be really true. They knew this to be a failing operation from the start, and we're going to have to bail them out, so they think, if they keep this crap up, they're going to be lucky if they get out of this state with their hide.

MauiBrad said...

I'll have to review the news and see what the report exactly was.

The main question I have is how would a rudder get damaged??? Off hand, I can think of only one way.

Aloha, Brad