Saturday, January 30, 2010

Report: Navy's Joint High Speed Vessel at risk in combat


"Report: Navy's Joint High Speed Vessel at risk in combat"
By Sean Reilly January 30, 2010

WASHINGTON -- As the Navy ramps up production of the Joint High Speed Vessel, the Pentagon's chief weapon tester is warning that the low-slung cargo ship has little or no chance of surviving an enemy attack.

Manufactured by Austal USA's Mobile shipyard and modeled on a commercial ferry, the vessel "is not designed or expected to be survivable against weapons effects encountered in combat missions," according to the latest annual review by J. Michael Gilmore, director of operational test and evaluation at the Defense Department.

In a Friday statement, Navy spokeswoman Mon
ica McCoy said the vessel is not designed to operate in uncontrolled environments and thus "does not require the survivability and ability to sustain damage like a surface combatant" ship...>>>Rest of Article>>>

We had this conversation before with regard to aluminium, burn, and things like white phosphorus...

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