Monday, January 25, 2010

Obama Preparing to Make a Mistake with HMS Haiti?

From gallupnews - Americans Lean Against Letting More Haitians Into U.S.: counter to what #Obama intends with #HMSHaiti?


Kimo said...

Brad - can't discuss the mission but Obama is sticking with the no new immigrant status policy.

FYI - you are correct on Alakai's ramp. Alakai never received hers as the bankruptcy occurred before it could be installed.

Brad Parsons said...

Oh, then I might guess they would be taking people from one place to another in Haiti, like the other ferries are doing, along with the more useful transporting of cargo to Haiti. Actually, they should just stick to cargo and provisions going in with these two vessels.

About the ramp, I thought it would have been awefully quick for it to have been installed on Alakai. That will limit how Alakai can be used...unless they put it on now...expedited.

Let me just say again, I think it would be a big mistake for a number of reasons to bring tens or hundreds of thousands of refugees to the Gulf Coast in those vessels.