Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Huakai Superferry Headed to Haiti

From: http://www.starbulletin.com/business/20100119_Never-used_Superferry_vessel_mobilized_to_aid_Haiti_relief_effort.html

"Never-used Superferry vessel mobilized to aid Haiti relief effort"
The U.S. Transportation Department obtained the Huakai after Hawaii Superferry shut down
By Nina Wu Jan 19, 2010

The M/V Huakai, the high-speed ferry that never fulfilled its purpose as part of Hawaii Superferry operations last year, will be mobilized for relief duty in Haiti...>>>Full Article>>>


Brad Parsons said...

Not surprised. Started thinking last week this might happen. Probably to move cargo and vehicles. Doubt it will be used to move people.

Brad Parsons said...

Correction. Doubt it will be used to move people out, but might be used to transport relief workers in.

Kimo said...

The Huakai was likely chosen because it has an onboard watermaker and wastewater treatment facility.

One scenario we developed with Civil Defense on was transportation of large amounts of food & water, then conversion of vehicle decks to a 30,000 square foot hospital & relief station. Removal of seats in the accomodation deck can create surgical centers & air conditioned space.

Brad Parsons said...


I was thinkin' because of the on-board ramp, but I think you are right it is because of the on-board desalination plant and wastewater treatment plant. Good other points you make.

Well, it looks like these things may go to good use afterall. Think, if they were here, they wouldn't be used for this higher cause.

Brad Parsons said...

Hey "Kimo,"

Maybe this was the real purpose of the vessels all along.

The 'Hispanola Superferry' -
"Sailing Where Sailing Began"

Kimo said...

Both ferries now have a ramp because of the lack of facilities at Kawaihae (Docking site at Pier 2 knocked out by earthquake & no new facilities) and the unreliability of the Kahului barge in strong trades.

Kimo said...

Alakai on the way too. http://www.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/20100120/BREAKING01/100120032/Alakai+gets+call+for+Haiti+relief+duty According to a mariner in Norfolk, it will be used to transport relief supplies in and people out in a "ferry like service"

Brad Parsons said...

OMG, they're gonna depreciate the hell outta those two vessels.

After all that, I'd say those two will be workhorses the rest of their lives, and won't be returning back here.

Well, Tim, your brainchildren will at least be used for something productive.