Monday, April 13, 2009

Bits and pieces...Where IS the Alakai headed?

Some interesting bits of information. A national newspaper reporter was recently told by an executive of Austal-USA that they are "not scheduled to do work on the Alakai." The reporter was wondering then where is the Alakai going, in Mobile?

In a seperate report analyst Tim Colton asked this, " Austal's shipyard in Mobile... How exactly does that position her for future employment? And why to the shipyard, which has very little pier space, and not to some lay-up pier somewhere? Are there modifications and/or repairs required? If so, what? And why is the second Superferry still in Austal's yard and not in lay-up?"

Another little tidbit. Supposedly the Alakai is going to some shipyard in Mobile to have the ramp, etc. added. Other word from those in the local maritime industry is that there may be other work to be done as a result of what happened in last year's drydock.

Another tidbit. Austal in Mobile recently announced less than 100 layoffs as a result of "not getting a contract they were expecting." Meanwhile Austal in Western Australia over the past few weeks announced two big commercial ferry contracts to be built IN Western Australia.

Presumably the Alakai is going to be worked on in one of the shipyards in Mobile. Maybe a shipyard that hopes to support Austal-USA as has the Bender shipyard in Mobile. What other yard is in the area besides Austal and Bender?

Why, they might even hire some of the people who worked on the National Defense Features on the Huakai. Maybe even hire, in an orderly transition, some of those workers "laid off" by Austal. Would even be an opportunity for that third yard to show some history working with aluminium...something people are saying it hasn't done...And save costs under the same owner.

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