Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another one bites the dust

Am looking for the full-text of the Gov's motion for reconsideration. By the report in today's paper it sounds like a pathetic pleading. Until get ahold of that, here is some related news:

From: www.starbulletin.com
"Council poised to sink TheBoat"
By B.J. Reyes Apr. 14, 2009

A $5 million subsidy for the Oahu commuter ferry, better known as TheBoat, was among the early
casualties as the City Council Budget Committee began
crafting the city's operating budget for the
fiscal year that starts July 1.

...The proposal to cut $5 million for TheBoat was suggested by four Council members. Since its
launch in September with help from a $5 million federal
grant, TheBoat has been plagued by
mechanical problems, which have led to
low ridership.

"Given our current fiscal picture, we cannot afford a $5 million system that costs taxpayers over
$120 a person for a round trip," Councilman Charles
Djou said. "We need to tighten our budget,
and TheBoat is beyond our
community's fiscal means."

Hannemann's administration is studying the ferry project and expects to release a report by the
end of the month. The mayor has said he would
discontinue the service if it proved too expensive...

You know, I think the authorities in Hawaii need somebody to help them evaluate what are realistic and what are not realistic potential ferries.

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