Friday, April 3, 2009

Austal announces New SuperSized high speed vessel

Timely observations below from Springbored's Springboard blog. Noticed that Austal makes it a point to laud the expected emissions of this vessel. The artist's rendering looks like there are some kind of twin exhaust abatement devices that will be used to improve the emissions. On the Austal page they do not describe the engines in any detail as they usually do except to say it will be 4 diesel engines. Still, the vessel will be heavily powered, fast and large, so it can be expected to continue to be fuel inefficient.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Austal: Makin' 'em Bigger!

Austal just got an order for an enormous 357 car/1400 passenger catamaran for Denmark. But the company announcement is pretty funny. Anybody else notice that a tiny, eensie-weensie bit of "Hawaii-can-suck-it" defensiveness about the environmental cost of their big catamarans?

With Danish environmental regulations for fast ferries among the most stringent in the world, Austal’s design is required to comply with legislation covering environmental noise, wave-wash and exhaust emissions. The design also minimises the need for alterations to the route’s existing port infrastructure, enabling both the 113m catamaran and the 86 metre “Villum Clausen” to operate in the summer season using the same vehicle and passenger ramps.
Ah, well. As they say--or just said a few days ago--in Hawaii, "See ya, Superferry!"

Interesting news is that the CNO just visited the shipyard yesterday. And Allison Stiller dashed Austal hopes that an LCS-2 contract might be on the verge of getting inked:

The Navy now requires fixed-price bids, and has awarded Lockheed a second contract. It is negotiating with the General Dynamics/Austal team on a contract for a second ship, Stiller said after the hearing. Asked when an award might be made, she replied, "I don't have a sense right now."

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