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Something more about Fargo on the Big Island

From: http://www.westhawaiitoday.com/articles/2008/11/10/local/local01.txt

"...Many of the meeting attendees seemed to be concerned about the reported transport of fish, opihi and rocks from Maui to Oahu. Fargo said those items are getting noticed because ferry inspectors are finding them. And, he added, the people who took the items often admitted to having them, not realizing those items were not allowed to be transported. When pressed about what ferry officials do to let passengers know those items aren't allowed, Fargo acknowledged that prohibited items are part of the online reservation confirmation receipt. 'Ignorance of the law is no excuse,' an audience member said."

Actually, under Act 2 and its EO, fish and limu are allowed on HSF. Fish and limu are what were being plundered from Maui last May, June, July, and August. Opihi and rocks are some of what is suppose to be not allowed on HSF. Still, opihi can be attempted to be smuggled with no penalty for being caught, as long as the opihi are not immature. See a full summary report on this below based on OTF reports.

"Jim Albertini, a Puna resident who has been outspoken about his concerns of military use of depleted uranium on the Big Island, asked Fargo about the possibility of military use of the ferry, and of contamination by depleted uranium remnants on military Stryker vehicles. 'The Superferry is not going to carry any depleted uranium, period,' Fargo said." And left shortly thereafter.

OTF Documented Natural Resource Takings via the "large capacity ferry vessel"

This is a review of documented natural resource takings reported during significant months. Resource takings were not significantly reported prior to April 11, 2008. Source is all of the OTF reports; DLNR/DOCARE and DOA observations. Mostly DLNR data is used as it is more revealing than the DOA data.

OTF May 23, 2008 Report for 4/11-5/8
Allowed -
29 lbs of limu
8.5 gallons of ogo seaweed
50 lbs of octopus

OTF June 27, 2008 Report for 4/11-6/9
(Includes same data in the above report plus one more month)
Allowed -
477 lbs of limu
370 lbs of fish
58 lbs of octopus
Not Allowed -
75 lbs of opihi
4 DLNR violation citations issued

OTF July 10, 2008 Report for 6/10-7/9
(This report is DOA info., not DLNR/DOCARE)
Allowed -
117 events of limu
270 events of fish
Not Allowed -
52 events of opihi
44 events of crustaceans

OTF Aug. 20, 2008 Report for 6/10-7/5
Allowed -
475 lbs of limu
316 lbs of fish
Not Allowed -
75 lbs of opihi
19 lbs of crustaceans
8 DLNR violation citations issued

OTF Sept. 29, 2008 Report for 8/10-9/12
Allowed -
15 lbs of limu
488 lbs of fish
Not Allowed -
15 pieces of coral
36 lbs of opihi
12 lbs of crustaceans
5 DLNR violation citations issued

OTF Oct. 31, 2008 Report for 9/13-10/4
Allowed -
6 lbs of limu
190 lbs of fish
Not Allowed -
18 lbs of opihi
17 lbs of crustaceans
2 DLNR violation citations issued

OTF November Report not yet published.

The data mostly shows significant documented takings in May, June, July, and August, and not so much with the low ridership before and after those months. The documented takings approached 1/2 a ton during each of the above 4 months.

At the September OTF meeting Hawaiians from Hana testified that it is Hawaiian cultural custom to ask permission first from local kanaka maoli kapuna before taking any natural resources from an ahupua'a that one does not live in, regardless of what the 'laws' say.

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