Monday, November 24, 2008

Heard on Kauai Coconut Wireless and via the Ether-net

Apparently a few days ago some high level officials with the Hawaii DOT were seen at Nawiliwili Harbor observing the HSF ramp there go through its paces; I'm told to make sure it's not rusted and still works.

Also, have been getting lots of hits recently from Australia, at ALL levels, and I do mean ALL. Also have been getting more hits from Malta with interest in the Incat Natchan vessels, including from a reporter; the ISP address was a newspaper there. The searches from Malta are getting pretty specific, here is one:


Time of Visit
Nov 23 2008 10:58:54 pm
Referring URL
Search Engine
Search Words
natchan world
Visit Entry Page

Brainstormed some possible names for them:
HSV Maltese Falcon I
HSV Maltese Falcon II
(with artwork of a falcon on each side)

Lastly for now, I plan on doing a thorough post soon on the Motion Sickness Incidence (MSI) standard of measure and compare it to the Barf-O-Meter (BOM). ; )

Aloha, Brad

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