Friday, December 7, 2007

HI Superferry: Well, most of my best stuff is out there...

Well, I've put a lot of time into this. My best stuff posted here on this blog were the Break Even Analysis, Scheduling Analysis, finding and evaluating the Army Corp of Engineers studies on the harbors, finding and using surf forecasting sources, some pictures that I have taken and put up on flickr, Pualaa's Manifesto and finding and interacting some with the people who run the sites below. Most of the good stuff that I come across, except for the my own original things that I mention above, are also posted by the team of very energetic people who run the sites below. I have to start budgeting my time as we get into the busy season, plus I want to do some travelling. I'll keep following this, and probably take pictures of the upcoming protests. Until then and beyond, I refer you to the following sites to keep on top of this issue:

Run by Andrea Brower and Keone Kealoha. Andrea has a ton of energy and is constantly updating this web site. Help her out, she and Keone want to make this a site for all kinds of positive sustainable development on Kauai:

Run by Karen Chun. I think Karen and Andrea are kindred souls on different islands. Karen maintains this site well on the Maui end. Karen has some other related sites as well. For Kahului harbor and Superferry issues on Maui:

Jeff Fishman of Kauai has a private web page with some good management software, but you have to be invited to join it. If he knows you on Kauai, I am sure you could ask him if you can join this forum.

John Tyler Craig has a web site probably with as many hits as the Superferry web site itself. But, I like John's blog. I noticed recently I was going to repost a bunch of good stuff on the Superferry from Haleakala Times, but John had already put all that material up on his blog:

Juan Wilson runs and Jonathan Jay contributes to a really well thought out Kauai sustainable development web page/blog. BTW, both do great graphics:

Larry Geller runs a professional journalistic blog about the news that doesn't get covered. I am guessing Larry is on Oahu, but not sure. He has been covering the Superferry and related issues well:

Joan Conrow is also a professional journalist by training and chooses to live on Kauai and write about events close to home including the effect of the Superferry debate:

These are the people I follow. If I left somebody out, I'll edit this and add them in.

Aloha, Brad

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Thanks for all your hard work, Brad.