Sunday, December 9, 2007

HI Superferry: Current Unanswered Questions?‏

HI Superferry: Current Unanswered Questions?‏

Well, I checked all of the surf forecasts that I know of, and it looks like no big surf activity through Dec. 15. BTW, the Superferry is not operating until the 13th because the pier-barge is being repaired; that is about two weeks already in which it might have been operating, which is already above the average rate expected of 37 days per year, mainly because the pier-barge design by the state is inadequate for the circumstances. On average as many as 10 to 12 bad surf days per month can be expected at Pier 2(c) over the next 2 1/2 months. But, anyway, for now, I don't think surf will interfere on the 13th, 14th, and probably not the 15th, although surf direction may change that day.

I was reviewing Act. 2 and Lingle's conditions last night and I was reminded of a few key points:

First, there is suppose to be an oversight task force made up of state, Superferry, environmental and cultural representatives to track voyages and provide monthly reports to the Legislature starting at the end of December. Where's that frickin' task force? They have a report due in less than 3 weeks.

Second, there is also suppose to be a rapid risk assessment team, possibly chosen by Belt Collins that would report to the state Department of Transportation. Who's on the rapid risk assessment team; does it even exist yet? And Belt Collins, why aren't we hearing about their environmental assessment so that the public can respond?

Third, Linda Lingle said that she forgot to include restrictions on bee equipment to deter the spread of varroa mites from Oahu to the outer islands. There was an incident in that past week with such mites found in a hive only a few blocks from the Superferry. Where is the new condition? Is there a new version of the Executive Order conditions that Linda Lingle has not released to the public?

Fourth, Linda Lingle said she would ask the Legislature for more money for inspections and enforcement officers for DLNR and Dept. of Agriculture. We need those additional DLNR officers here on Maui at the harbor now, not 6 to 12 months from now.

Fifth, there is suppose to be a state investigation into "why the $300 million Superferry operation was granted an exception to Hawaii's environmental laws in the first place." Where's the investigation? How come we are not hearing anything about it?

Lastly, how much have the last three repairs (and tugboat expenses) to the barge and Pier 2(c) cost the state and where is the money coming from?

Is Linda Lingle waiting to see if the Superferry gets through the first few days of operations? Does she know something we don't know?

Aloha, Brad

P.S. Scott Mijares of Kauai has called my attention to the following, oh boy:
Here you go Scott, I had a little difficulty finding them at first:

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