Saturday, October 13, 2007

Superferry: John Lehman...sell it to the Navy or Army!

Today, John Lehman was quoted for the first time in a while in the Honolulu papers saying something like the HI Superferry are reviewing their options and that a lot of other places would love to have a unique boat like this. Mr. Lehman, you have the contacts...just sell it to the Navy or Army at a little mark-up. That's who you wanted to use it anyway. There are fast ferries already operating along the East Coast. It could be used for troop transport along the eastern seaboard. I am sure the Navy or Army can pay you what you need for it. Use your contacts, Mr. Lehman. Maybe Inouye can help facilitate the DoD buying it. I'm sure they've got the money...they're spending multiple times your cost every day in Iraq. Aloha, Brad

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