Monday, October 15, 2007

HI Superferry: Conditions to Operate

Until an EIS is completed and approved:

First, the Superferry should not be allowed to operate between the Hawaiian islands any faster than 15 knots per hour.

Second, until an EIS is completed the Superferry should be a POFF which is an industry standard that means Passenger Only Fast Ferry. Vehicles should not be allowed to go interisland on the HI Superferry until the EIS is completed. If cars are allowed then there has to be a high powered undercarriage wash of each vehicle at the harbor before it boards the ferry.

Third, the Superferry should not be allowed to dump its refuse in Hawaiian waters.

Fourth, "Martial Law" in Nawiliwili Harbor should be lifted and the canoe clubs there and the canoe clubs in Kahului Harbor should be allowed to operate uninterrupted under their prior schedules.

These are the conditions, HI Superferry, take it or leave it!

Aloha, Brad

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