Tuesday, October 30, 2007

HI Superferry: Re: BC's Similar Fast Ferry Fiasco

From: kukui nut
Cowichan Bay, Canada

....Here's something that everyone who has concerns over the HSF....The first link is an early 2000 British Columbia government audit report of the most unfortunate cessation of a nearly identical Austal built group of 3 ferries, all in the same category and type as the Alakai which ultimately were auctioned off, one of which had never been used, in 2000 for a total of 19.6 mil Canadian dollars to Washington marine Marine, a US Company that is deeply involved in the BC shipyards. The winning bidder had offered 60 million US Dollars before the auction and was refused. The auction took place in March 2003, before HSF began. These ferries have remained out of service since. All 3 are superior vessels to the Alakai, built to the same specs but load on one end, discharge on the other, saving time, labor and vastly superior from an operational standpoint. The ultimate result of this failure saw an entire political party removed from office because of public reaction as the failed effort cost the taxpayers in excess of a half billion dollars. The failure of the HSF to be at this auction is hard to understand. And yes, I'm entirely familiar with the US laws which govern US shipbuilder preferences over foreign built vessels. This could very easily have been worked out through seeking special exemptions that would have been endorsed by the Union interests, not to speak of the 110 million excess dollars versus 3 operational vessels in Hawai'i no later than 2004. A BC governmental auditor's report detailing the history and failure, it is very moderately stated:http://qp.gov.bc.ca/cmt/36thParl/cmt12/2000/36-4-report12.htm#vi A comprehensive narrative is here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fast_Ferry_Scandal The next link is a privately created website that chronicles the events and gives considerable detail about the specifications of the BC (British Columbia) Ferry failure due, in part, to the same considerations now confronting your HawaI'I Legislature. http://www.geocities.com/ferries_bc/pacificats.html supplemental validation here:

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