Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Was ferry's side door open? and did cargo shift?

There's been a lot of articles on Philippines Superferry 9, but this one stands out from the rest:

From: http://fairplay.co.uk

"Was ferry's side door open?"
Daily News 22 Sep 2009

OFFICIALS investigating the Superferry 9 sinking are today addressing the possibility that the ro-pax’s crew failed to seal the side entrance before it sank in the Philippines. This entrance, positioned on the lower portion of the ship, should always be closed because it is the closest to the water, said the Board of Marine Inquiry, which is seeking to question workers at the last port where the ferry called before sailing. If the crew failed to seal that entrance tightly, the entrance would have been exposed to water ingress when the ro-pax listed by 25 degrees, said Alejandro Flora, BMI panel member and Coast Guard vice commandant. The board moved to the side-door theory after the master and crew testified that the 7,268gt ship’s cargo of containers and vehicles had been properly lashed and secured. Still, cargo movement is thought by investigators to have contributed to the sinking when the ship listed. Superferry 9 sank off the Zamboanga Peninsula on 6 September; 10 people were killed.

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