Saturday, September 5, 2009

STILL! correcting the record...

From: Downturn offers opportunity, Lingle says
Honolulu Advertiser -
...Luncheon emcee Ron Vaught asked Lingle about the status of Superferry...

Re: "...The two completed ferries now sit at a shipyard in Maryland. Lingle said she's been in recent contact with the ferries' builder, Austal, which is considering military contracts for the high-speed vehicle transports. In the meantime, the state will "carry on" and work to complete the required environmental impact statement. Superferry was good for business, and the majority of people wanted it, she said."

My comment:

9/5/09 -- Last reported the ferries were in Virginia, not Maryland. Austal has no interest in the ferries anymore. It makes no sense that Lingle would be talking with Austal about the Superferries. MARAD is the one considering military use for the vessels. Regardless, a Chapter 343 EIS has to be completed and accepted before any large high speed vessel can operate in Hawaiian waters, regardless of its owner or user. About being good for business, that is a good question for all of the unsecured creditors (small businesses in Hawaii) and common stockholders of the bankrupt entity.

9/7/09 -- Thought of one reason for the State to talk with Austal, to try to find a buyer for the ramp barges.

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