Monday, September 21, 2009

PBN: Callin' It Like It WAS


Economic Snapshot
Friday, September 18, 2009
"Wobbly support wasn’t Superferry’s biggest problem"
Pacific Business News (Honolulu)

...We long have believed that the Superferry was operating with flawed business assumptions. Putting aside state officials’ blunder in reasoning that the Superferry didn’t need an environmental assessment, we are not convinced that there was enough passenger, vehicle and freight revenue to cover the cost of running two big ships.

In its brief time in service, the ferry showed it was unreliable and that the trip to Maui produced a nightmare of seasickness. Small businesses found it still made more sense to put their goods on a barge than to commit a driver and truck to an all-day run to or from Oahu.

Marching and marauding politicians and businesspeople can’t overcome a bad business plan or flawed legal advice. Lingle’s shots were off the mark and unrealistic.

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